High North Dialogue 2017

Since 2007, the High North Dialogue conference series have brought together Arctic leaders – present and future – to discuss the dimensions of the changes taking place in the Arctic. For four years, The Arctic Institute has been working with the High North Center to foster dialogue and increase information sharing between stakeholders in the Arctic.

Creating Meeting Places for Discussion

Men presenting at High North Dialogue

A departure from an original conference setting, the High North Dialogue offers an intimate and unique space for stakeholders across the region to come together as equal participants. Through the tandem Masters and PhD courses, the Dialogue helps to engage future leaders in constructing a meaningful debate about the Arctic’s most pressing issues

The Arctic Institute shares a common goal of creating meeting places for discussion on contemporary Arctic issues. Through our partnership we moderate session at the Dialogue, produce live articles, Tweets, and podcasts about conversations happening in Bodø, and write a report final report about the concluding thoughts of the Dialogue and address ways of moving the debate forward.

Encouraging Collaboration in the Arctic

Together, the High North Center and the Institute recognize the importance of encouraging and promoting research collaboration in the circumpolar Arctic. Aptly put by the United States as the current Arctic Council Chair, there is one Arctic with shared opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities.

Through our partnership, The Arctic Institute helps to identify universities and student-based research networks to broaden student attendance not only across the region, but the world. Our social media, newsletter, press release, and website announcements promote the conference and scholarship opportunities to a wide audience of students, researchers, and other actors in the Arctic. To learn more about the Dialogue and the High North Center, visit www.highnorthdialogue.no

People discussing at High North Dialogue