The Arctic Institute At a Glance

The Arctic Institute (TAI) is an independent international institute dedicated to research of and engagement in the many dimensions of Arctic security. Established in 2011, TAI provides data, analysis, and recommendations to policymakers, researchers, the media, and the interested public about circumpolar security challenges. Based in Washington, DC, TAI’s network of researchers extends across North America, Scandinavia, and continental Europe.

Envisioning a More Secure North

TAI envisions a world in which the diverse and complex issues facing Arctic security are identified, understood, and innovatively resolved. TAI’s mission is to help shape policy for a secure, just, and sustainable Arctic through objective, multidisciplinary research of the highest caliber. We achieve this through three major activities:

Undertake research and activities on the many dimensions of security in the high north;
Provide innovative policy analysis and recommendations;
Facilitate dialogue, build capacities, and promote accountability to mitigate circumpolar insecurities; and
Deliver authoritative information and creative insights to global audiences

An Evolving Research Agenda

The Arctic Institute’s research agenda is constantly evolving to reflect a rapidly changing Arctic. Our projects, publications, and events span the most pertinent security issues of the circumpolar region, developed by direct engagement and collaboration with young scholars, emerging regional actors, and northern communities.

The Arctic Institute’s work helps governments, business, and civil society make decisions that are based on innovative, objective, and multidisciplinary analyses. Rigorous and comprehensive research, independent of political and commercial pressures, is TAI’s core for developing solutions to challenges and injustices in the circumpolar Arctic.

As The Arctic Institute grows and the issues facing the circumpolar Arctic become more pressing, TAI is committed to expanding its ability to directly engage local, national, and international policymakers and stakeholders.

Global Network of Arctic Experts

Headquartered in Washington, DC, TAI is comprised of a global network of Arctic scholars located across North America and Europe. It offers a unique platform for researchers from different countries and varied disciplines to work together on the many dimensions of Arctic security. TAI disseminates its research findings as widely as possible free of charge to benefit the public good. The Arctic Institute serves an international audience through its website, events, social media networks, and a weekly newsletter of subscribers in over 90 countries. TAI maintains contacts with other research centers and individual researchers throughout the world. The Arctic Institute cooperates with non-governmental organizations and universities on research, analysis, and events.