The Arctic Institute is inviting guest contributions for publication on the Institute’s website from early career researchers, established scholars, and Arctic stakeholders beyond academia. We seek original ideas and analysis on topics of Arctic social science, public policy, international affairs, and natural science, with a particular interest in interdisciplinary perspectives. We strongly encourage potential contributors to read recent publications of The Arctic Institute for a sense of form, style, and level of complexity typical of our work.

Publishing Formats


Op-eds are 700 to 800 word commentaries or short analyses, for example on a recent event or development in Arctic affairs. They must demonstrate a precise argument and solid discussion of the topic at hand. Referencing should be hyperlinked.

Op-eds are to be submitted in full length.


Articles are 1000 to 3000 word analyses of a recent development, a general process, or a critical topic in Arctic affairs. A strong argument and good structure are essential, making good use of subheadings and a central question. Articles may be academically-oriented pieces or policy-oriented analyses. Graphics, tables, and infographics should be included if they are helpful for the illustration of the central argument. Detailed information about referencing requirements will be provided once the abstract is confirmed.

Please send a 300 word abstract of your article before submitting the full draft.





Abstract Document

Publishing Criteria

The following criteria will be applied when reviewing any submissions made to the Institute, so please keep these in mind when preparing your submission.

  • Clarity of the topic and argument, including use of jargon or technical language
  • Coherence of the argument
  • Structure of the text, including subheadings and illustrations, if applicable
  • Relevance to new or current issues, events, and developments
  • Originality of the argument and message and innovativeness of approach
  • Quality of empirical support and timeliness of data used

Editing Process

Upon submission, we send a short response email confirming the submission and providing details on the further process. Every piece is edited by TAI’s Editor and an additional reviewer(s). Once all comments and feedback are available, the Editor will send a commented version back to the author, whereupon they will be asked to respond and revise as soon as possible. The Editor will read the revised version and will either release it for publication at the next suitable date, provide further feedback and ask for a second revision, or reject. TAI reserves the right to reject submissions on grounds of not meeting TAI’s high publishing standards or if the piece is not in line with our mission. If you have any further questions on guest contributions for publication on the The Arctic Institute’s website, please get in touch with TAI’s Editor Dr. Kathrin Stephen.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!