Publication Types

The Arctic Institute website contains hundreds of publications on important Arctic security ideas, policies, and news. Get to know the different types of documents we publish below, then use the navigation cloud to the right to explore each type.

Articles are peer-reviewed analyses of a recent development, a general process, or a critical topic in Arctic affairs.

Commentaries are short, peer-reviewed reactionary pieces to current events in the North.

Maps are Institute created maps of the region highlighting different issues.

Multimedia are research-based infographics, maps, videos, and podcasts that help us illustrate our work.

Newsletter is the archive of The Arctic This Week, our weekly news roundup from the North.

Reports are peer-reviewed, long-form publications based on high quality research that aim to answer a specific Arctic policy concern.

Take Five is a quick-read analysis of the five biggest Arctic news stories each week.

Youth Perspectives is a publishing platform for young Arctic residents to write about challenges and opportunities of living in the Arctic today.