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Interested in what our scholars are reading about governance in the Arctic today? We’ve picked a few books, articles, and reports from the Institute’s bookshelf to give you a better idea about governance regimes, organizations and law in the North. Check them out below. If you’re interested in a specific country’s security issues in the Arctic, check out our country backgrounders.

Arctic Opening: Insecurity and Opportunity

Christian LeMiere and Jeffrey Mazo

Cooperation or Conflict in a Changing Arctic

Ian Brosnan, Thomas Leschine, and Edward Miles

Arctic Geopolitics and Autonomy

Michael Bravo and Nicola Triscott

Is There an Arms Race in the Arctic?

Frédéric Lasserre, Jérôme Le Roy, and Richard Garon

Environmental and Human Security in the Arctic

Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, Dawn Bazely, Marina Goloviznina, and Andrew Tanentzap