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Interested in what our scholars are reading about life in the Arctic today? We’ve picked a few books, articles, and reports from the Institute’s bookshelf to give you a better idea about society and culture in the North. Check them out below. If you’re interested in a specific country’s Arctic culture, check out our country backgrounders.

Arctic Dreams

Barry Lopez

The New Arctic

Birgitta Evengård, Joan Nymand Larsen, and Øyvind Paasche

The Meaning of Ice: People and Sea Ice in Three Communities

Shari Fox Gearheard, Lene Kielsen Holm, Henry Huntington, Joe Mello leavitt, Andrew R. Mahoney, Margaret Opie, Toku Oshima, and Joelie Sanguya

Arctic Human Development Report 2015

Joan Nymand Larsen and Gail Fondahl